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Maid is a tv show on Netflix. It stars Margaret Qualley (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) as Alex, the twenty-five-year-old daughter of Paula, mother played by Andie MacDowell (Ground Hog Day), and the father played by Billy Burke (Twilight). Maid has glowing reviews and is highly relatable to many…

This is me on holiday in Lanzarote. Photo taken by my husband.
Me on holiday in Lanzarote

I am Denise and I am a writer living in London, United Kingdom. I write fiction and poetry and some non-creative fiction about my journey in life as a writer amongst other things. I have been known to write about things that I feel passionate about.

My novels

I have written two…

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A calming sensation in my shoulders from kneading the round dough was helping me to forget the dilemma I had with my husband. Stress baking was a kind of relaxation for me. Cooking cake after cake dripping in melted chocolate had become a meticulous hobby of mine but it also…

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Please all women beware

This is not an easy procedure you take in an outpatient hospital in the UK. Now I am not a doctor or nurse. I talk about this as a patient.

Covid-19 hospital procedures

I want to talk about Hysteroscopy in the Covid-19 world. Covid is prevented by having a swab PCR test three…

Denise Larkin

An author/writer of fiction novels and poetry living in London writing about her experiences on Medium.

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