Do You Have a Backup Plan for Writing When You Are Sick?

Have you ever sat at your computer and stared at a blank screen for ages because of an illness?

Did you feel stressed when the words wouldn’t come because of a stinking cold?

Did you feel your headache explode because of the brightness of your computer screen?

How did you…

Here are three tips I use to blast my writing into action

When I write fiction I feel that I sometimes cannot get the story going until I actually sit down to write it. Ideas are like mush at times and I cannot explain it, but if I am going to finish my book, then I need to be active with my…

My life as a writer-editor and poet and traveler amongst other things

This is me on holiday in Lanzarote. Photo taken by my husband.

I am Denise and I am a writer living in London, United Kingdom. I write fiction and poetry and some non-creative fiction about my journey in life as a writer amongst other things. I have been known to write about things that I feel passionate about.

My novels

I have written two…

A short fictional story about a wife’s dilemma

A calming sensation in my shoulders from kneading the round dough was helping me to forget the dilemma I had with my husband. Stress baking was a kind of relaxation for me. Cooking cake after cake dripping in melted chocolate had become a meticulous hobby of mine but it also…

Working in Cyprus defined me as a person and as a writer

I moved to Cyprus with my family in 2006. There was me, my husband and my two sons. We had a great life there at first but the hardship of earning decent money took a toll on us when Cyprus changed to the Euro from Cypriot pounds.

Things got expensive…

Fantastic information Josephine. I can see what you are saying about gun crime where video games are concerned. Of course, both of my sons played Play station and Xbox games in their teens and they have turned out fine. My youngest is a police officer now married with two children and my eldest is a trainer in a gym and has a partner. They both appear to want to do good. Of course, I believe it all depends on how young a child starts playing these violent games. Young children might be disturbed by them especially if they don't have a decent or good family background and they have problems growing up. Also, I think gun crime is not so bad here in the UK and getting hold of a gun maybe difficult but this is just my theory. Thanks for such an insighful article.

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A poem about a friend with covid-19

Fully vaccinated you say
Covid won’t come for you now.
But hey it still can and it did!
Grabbed my friend!
Took him to hospital.
Stuck him in a bed
Silenced and in dread
For he can’t breathe
Covid stole his oxygen
It ripped through his heart
Pumping it hard
Made it high alert and
Left him in the lurch
As Covid spindles…

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Denise Larkin

An author/writer of fiction novels and poetry living in London writing about her experiences on Medium.

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